Investing In People

When people ask me about the benefits of using the Parsons Blewett Memorial Fund, I explain that the funding allows SLPS to make long term investments in people, for the benefit of children. After one year of teaching, a new teacher can further their education at no cost to them, therefore increasing the number of highly qualified teachers to serve students. Can you name five other school districts that do that? I consider Parsons Blewett one of those fringe benefits that people underestimate. Some teachers allow other school districts to awe them with the higher salary sticker prices. However, these districts don’t have a fund that works directly with your university to ensure that your courses are covered. Using Parsons Blewett adds instructional value to a teacher while decreasing their fiscal responsibility for their education at the same time.

As a former student of SLPS and an educator in the district for more than 11 years, I have used the funding made available to me by Parsons Blewett to obtain two Masters Degrees and a Doctorate in Education. SLPS has invested a substantial amount of money in developing me professionally. As such, it’s my responsibility to create the most effective learning environments for students. Without the support of the fund, I wouldn’t be able to continue the legacy of excellence in education that SLPS has been known for, for decades.
Crystal Gale
Principal, Roosevelt High School
NOW: Network Superintendent