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Dr. Blewett was a man of vision, passion, and purpose. His commitment to educational excellence led him through a remarkable journey at Washington University, where he earned degrees in 1876, 1879, and an honorary degree in 1916.

Joining the St. Louis Public Schools System, Dr. Blewett made his mark at Lowell, Humboldt, Carr Lane, Divoll, and Stoddard Schools. His career began in the classroom, evolving into an administrative role. In 1908, Dr. Blewett assumed the prestigious position of Superintendent, leaving an indelible mark until 1917.

Sumner High School circa 1908, the first African-American high school west of the Mississippi River.

Dr. Blewett’s leadership was legendary. He pioneered professional development and staunchly advocated for educators facing financial challenges. His unwavering dedication to the St. Louis Public Schools and its teachers culminated in the establishment of the Parsons Blewett Memorial Fund.

The fund paid homage to his beloved late wife, Jessie Parsons Blewett, and her parents, Charles Bunyan Parsons and Jane Elizabeth Parsons. Through the Parsons Blewett Memorial Fund, Dr. Blewett’s legacy continues to support and uplift those who shape the future of our children.

Aids full-time Saint Louis Public Schools Teachers and Administrators with one year of service in continuing education.

The program provides grants for individuals or staff groups to attend professional development events, with or without academic credit.

Provides direct gifts to active or retired Saint Louis Public Schools District educators in financial need.

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