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Teacher Assistance

The Teacher Assistance Program (TAP) consists of direct gifts to teachers and/or administrators employed by the Saint Louis Public School District, retired or active, who establish a need for financial assistance. Commonly, financial assistance is provided to pay:

  • Hospital bills (payment determination considered after claim submission to insurance carrier)
  • Nursing home bills
  • Occasional doctor or dental bills
  • To supplement income which is inadequate to provide comfort, security and a measure of dignity

An active teacher and/or administrator who have incurred personal illness, exhausted all sick bank days, and deemed ineligible for district short or long term illness leave. Personal illness does not include workmen’s compensation cases.

Financial assistance is not available for the payment of credit card balances or other consumer credit liability. Each applicant is investigated with care and confidentiality to determine the amount of support, if any, can be properly offered. The investigation will include a review of the employees’ eligibility for illness leave or ineligibility for illness leave under their employee benefit plan.

If you are aware of an active or retired Saint Louis Public School teacher and/or administrator who may be eligible for assistance and facing extreme financial circumstances, we urge you to refer them to Parsons Blewett Memorial Fund.

  • Contact the Fund office at 314-345-2512 to discuss your extraordinary circumstances with the staff. If applicable, the staff will release a unique code to access the (TAP) financial aid application from our (online application) to download and complete.
  • Upon request, a standard application may be mailed to your residence. Please submit to the Parsons Blewett Memorial Fund office the required application and supporting documentation.
  • If the submitted documents are accurate and complete, the Fund office will process your application. Be advised that supplemental information may be additionally required and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Financial assistance will be considered within the absolute discretion of the Board of Trustees.