Parsons Blewett Memorial Fund Program Narrative

The Traditional Scholarship Program supports the continuing education of Saint Louis Public School Teachers and Administrators employed full time who have served one continuous year (12 months). This program is designed to provide scholarships to qualified educators for educational tuition assistance who wish to pursue additional training or education that will support their work in the classroom or career related profession. The Fund has an online application process which is available during three funding cycles (spring, summer and fall). Each session is open for a limited time; you are encouraged to apply early. Please see upcoming deadlines.

Before Applying:
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Parsons Blewett has partnered with select approved universities in a direct-pay program, meaning the Fund does not pay in advance.
An educator must be financially prepared to pay the Institution at the time of registration.
Payment to the university will cover educational tuition only. Any additional fees and academic hours will be the student’s responsibility. At the beginning of the semester, Parsons Blewett will forward to the institution electronically a list of approved scholarship recipients, accompanied by a signed grade/financial release form for each student.
At the end of the semester, the institution will send an invoice for the list of approved scholarship recipients. The invoice packet should include official transcripts and financial aid information for each student.
Parsons Blewett compares the supporting documentation received from the institution against our semester scholarship approvals. The Fund will make payment directly to the university within thirty days of receiving the invoice and supporting documentation.
The institution will use the Parsons Blewett tuition payments to reconcile the student’s accounts with the approved scholarship recipients according to the agreement for payment originally established between the student and the institution at the time of their enrollment.

Typically, the entire process takes a minimum of 8-10 weeks from the close of the semester.

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