Since 1998 Parsons Blewett has recognized teachers of St. Louis Public Schools that have exemplified excellence in teaching. The event was retitled, Educator of the Year, in 2017. The program also highlights well deserving school leaders. In 2022, the Retired Educator of the Year category was added. This award acknowledges an individual that has served SLPS for many years as an active and retired educator.

Dr. Juanita Chambers, Retired Educator
Rashida Squalls Chatman, Secondary Math

Zachary Diel, Barbara Jean Kuczka Health, Wellness & PE
Kristie Faulstich, Humanities
Reginald Ferguson, Specialty Area
Samantha Ganshirt, Early Childhood
Dr. Jason Kesselring, Secondary Science
Dr. Chris Martens, Secondary English Language Arts
Marqueitta McBride, Elementary Mathematics
Deborah Peebles, Elementary Reading
Cynthia Rodriguez, Visual & Performing Arts
Samone Smith, Kindergarten
Jim Triplett, Elementary School Leader
Hillary Warren, Special Education
Cynthia Williams-Peters, Supporting School Leader

Nelsa Cedeno & Secondary Math
Maria Fassett, Math
Wanda Garner, College and Career Readiness
Leah Grant, Reading
Jonathan Griffin, Secondary School Leader
Crystal Hilson, Specialty Area
Korryn McDonald, Visual & Performing Arts
Donneice Mitchum, PE
Tiffany Moore, Early Childhood
Pablo Ramos, STEM
Dr. Joyce Roberts, Retired Educator
Dr. Debra Rogers, Elementary School Leader
Veronica Rovira, Supporting School Leader
Larisa Selimovic-Milosavljevic, Science
Joseph Lee Smith, Special Education
Amy Troeger, Humanities
Sarah Vernier, Kindergarten

Josh Barbre, Visual & Performing Arts
Grace Conner, Reading
Kristen Dowling, Science
Angela Durbin, Supporting School Leader
Emily Gentemann, STEM
Nicole Goodenough-Harcharic, Special Education
Thomas Johnston, Humanities
Julia Kaiser, Elementary Principal
Theresa Lydon-Lorson, College and Career Readiness
Bethany Mask, Specialty Area
Andrew Moore, Kindergarten
Kelly Moore,  Secondary Principal
Kristin Murray, Early Childhood
Christina Sweeney, Math
Nikola Skokovic, Physical Education


Renee Amoroso, Math
Dr. Tyler Archer, Supporting School Leader
Dr. Sarah Briscoe, Elementary Leader
Carrie Burgett, Special Education
Tiffany Clay, English
Jana Flynn, STEM
Lori Gardner, Kindergarten
Tawana Hall,  College and Career Readiness
Dr. Jana Haywood, Secondary Leader
Chavon Hopgood, Reading
Ninfa Matiase,  Science
Jonathan McComb, Physical Education
Lisa Rigg, Specialty Area
Dianna Dix Sumner, Humanities
Christina Thompson, Early Childhood
Lakeisha Walker, Visual & Performing Arts  

Christy Howell, Math
Rachel Irvin, College and Career Readiness
Marvin Kopf, Science
Della Lomack, Special Education
Briana Lucas, Kindergarten
LaShonda Mackey, Math
Jessica Marty, Specialty Area
Anna Mcnulty Taylor, Supporting School Leader
Mildred Moore, Elementary Leader
Kimberly Long, Secondary Leader
Margaret Schuh, English
Shaunta Smith, Early Childhood
Rhonda Stovall, STEM
Aaron Streid, Physical Education
Britt Tate, Visual & Performing Arts
Elizabeth Trapp, Reading
Josh Wedding, Humanities

Cara Ciccarelli, Science
Michelle Davidson, Math
Rachael  Fenner, English
Florence Fields, Specialty Area
Starlett Frenchie, Elementary Leader
Nathaniel Lischwe, Supporting School Leader
Deborah Mertens, Elementary STEM
Traci Miller, Elementary Reading
Jacob Norman, Humanities
Albert Sanders, Early Childhood
Kacy Seals, Secondary Leader
Desiree Speed, College & Career Readiness
Chevelle Stewart, Elementary Math
Kelly Walsh, Visual & Performing Arts
Joseph Weis, Physical Education
Rhea Willis, Special Education
Erica Yowell, Kindergarten

Ana Barrios, Secondary Math
Dr. Valentina Bumbu, Science
Nicholas Clement, Special Area
Dr. Crystal Gale, Secondary Principal
Rolanda Gladen, Special Education
Kaylan Holloway, Humanities
Wendy Huddleston, Early Childhood
Freddie Johnson, Reading
Anne Markle, Elementary Math
Sara Martens, Supporting School Leader
Michael Neuner, Physical Education
Dr. Deborah Rogers, Secondary English
Janice Watlington, Kindergarten
Mamie Womack, Elementary Principal
Larissa Young, Visual & Performing Arts