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How to Apply

The scholarship process is similar to the College/University process. First, you should identify the university or college that you wish to attend. Start your scholarship research early. The more time you can put into your search, the more options you’ll have. You’ll need time to research scholarships, request information and application materials, to complete your application online. Some scholarships have early deadline dates.

If you have a question about your eligibility for a particular scholarship, contact the scholarship sponsor, or to assess eligibility requirements visit the “Eligibility Criteria” tab on this page.

Create a separate file for each scholarship. Keep a calendar of application deadlines and follow-ups. Many scholarships require you to provide them with additional information such as a transcript, financial aid forms, tax returns, and letter(s) of recommendation.

If research or application materials are lost, having copies on hand will make it easier to retrieve or discuss your situation with a staff member.

You’ll lose out if you miss scholarship deadlines. Verify the deadline schedule to avoid submitting your online application late.

If you have not received the materials you requested by webmail, follow up by contacting the scholarship sponsor by telephone or email.

Colleges/Universities must consider outside scholarships as part of a student’s financial resource to pay for education costs. It’s a good idea to contact the financial aid office of Colleges/Universities that interest you about their specific policies regarding outside scholarships.

You must complete an online scholarship application form on our website online application.

All scholarship applications shall be submitted electronically to the Fund by the deadline date. Once the application has been transmitted electronically; changes are prohibited. All applicants will be notified of their application status via webmail. Application status history is also available in your online account.

Students are responsible for registration at the university for which the scholarship was approved. This includes making arrangements for all financial obligations. This means payment in full or payment arrangements must be secured at the University at the time of registration or no later than semester end. This may also require that you apply for a loan through the University or make a monthly payment(s) acceptable to the University or a loan through external sources.

Even if your enrollment is with a university for which the Fund has a direct pay arrangement you must make arrangements for any charges not covered by your scholarship for educational tuition.

In the event your scholarship is revoked due to failure to meet the guidelines and conditions herein, the university will look to you for payment.