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Scholarship Guidelines & Conditions

The Traditional Scholarship Program supports the continuing education of St. Louis Public Schools Teachers and Administrators. It is not intended for teachers and/or administrators to pursue careers outside the educational field or the St. Louis Public Schools District. This program assists St. Louis Public Schools staff members who satisfy the Fund’s eligibility criteria. This scholarship is designed to assist with educational tuition only for eligible coursework taken from the School of Education for academic credit. Parsons Blewett Memorial Fund is a separate public charity and is not considered part of the St. Louis Public Schools District. This program does not create a right for anyone to receive a scholarship. Scholarships are awarded by the Fund at its discretion.

  • You may apply for and receive up to three (3) scholarships annually (fall term, spring term, and summer term).
  • Fund scholarships support educational tuition assistance only. Additional fees are not covered by the scholarship.
  • Scholarship awards are limited to a maximum of six (6) credit hours per semester. The lifetime maximum total of scholarships awarded to you will not exceed the sum of $30,000.00.
  • No extended service agreement is required as a condition of receiving a scholarship award.
  • Scholarships are granted one semester at a time. They are not automatically renewed from one semester to the next. You must reapply each semester to continue receiving scholarships from Parsons Blewett. The Fund will not replace funds due to failure to reapply or missed deadlines.
  • A scholarship must be used during the semester for which it is awarded. Your scholarship is non-transferable to a different individual, semester, or university.
  • It is your responsibility to immediately notify the fund in writing of your cancellation. If you are unable to use the scholarship during the funded semester, click here to cancel.
  • Parsons Blewett will fund scholarships for online coursework at institutions it currently supports. Please note that the St. Louis Public Schools may not accept all online coursework for purposes of its programs. You must check with the St. Louis Public Schools to determine its policies in this regard.
  • Your scholarship award reflects the enrollment intentions you listed on your application form. The Fund may revise or terminate your scholarship award if any changes are made without written consent from the Fund.
  • It is your responsibility to immediately notify the Fund in writing of your departure from the St. Louis Public School District for reasons such as resignation, retirement, termination, leave-of-absence or probation from the District. Failure to notify the Fund may result in your scholarship being withdrawn or terminated.
  • The Fund is not required to mail 1099 miscellaneous forms to scholarship recipients. Questions regarding tax consequences of the scholarship should be directed to your personal tax advisor or Internal Revenue Service office. A scholarship recipient should maintain a personal record of all scholarships received.

Even if you are awarded a scholarship, your actual receipt of payment to the University is conditioned on the following:

  • No Duplication This program is designed to assist with tuition expenses only. Fund Scholarship recipients may receive additional funding from other sources, including but not limited to other foundations, institutions, organizations, or government. However, the Fund will not duplicate funds provided by other sources. The combined benefits from all grant and scholarship sources for a semester may not exceed the cost of tuition and fees as stated in the educational institution’s cost-of-attendance budget. For example, if full funding for a semester has been provided by other sources, applicants must notify the Fund, canceling their Fund scholarship. If partial funding has been provided for a semester by other sources, applicants must notify the Fund, partially canceling their Fund scholarship. Benefits from all sources combined may not exceed the costs of tuition and fees.
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress Failure to maintain a grade of 2.0 or better (a grade of CR (credit), P (passed), or S (satisfactory) is also acceptable) will result in the cancellation of the current scholarship award. You must maintain at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average (GPA) or above AND receive a letter grade of at least a C or above in each course funded by a Fund scholarship to remain eligible for future scholarships from the Fund. A grade of CR (credit), P (passed), or S (satisfactory) is also acceptable. (This applies no matter how many courses are taken – i.e. if one course is taken with a grade of 2.0, the GPA falls below 2.5 and the scholarship is revoked).
  • Coursework must be taken out of the School of Education or must be selected from those courses which may be offered outside of the School of Education but which would result in a certificate (administration, professional, career education or student services) issued by DESE or in a degree or certificate issued by a School of Education. You may be asked to furnish the Fund with evidence demonstrating the eligibility of the courses during the application process.
  • Your application will not be accepted without your electronic signature. You will be asked to electronically sign a contract agreeing to all scholarship guidelines and conditions before any scholarship is awarded to you. By signing electronically you are agreeing that the scholarship process will be conducted electronically and that your digital signature included in any agreement used in the scholarship process is intended to authenticate such writing and to have the same force and effect as the use of a manual signature.