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Jonathan Griffin

From Teacher to Principal: My Journey with Parsons Blewett

My name is Jonathan Griffin and I have been a part of Saint Louis Public Schools for over 15 years. During my years I had the privilege of getting connected with people who are continuously in my life today who serve as friends, colleagues, and mentors. During my time as a teacher I was able to receive the “Teacher of the Year” honor. My success in the classroom got the attention of my principal who encouraged me to get into leadership. I got selected to serve as assistant principal of Carnahan High School of the Future for three years where I then moved to Principal where I continuously serve. Just two years ago I received the “Secondary Principal of the Year” award.

My growth and ability to move up into leadership came with the assistance of the Parsons Blewitt Memorial Fund Scholarship. They supported me returning back to the University of Missouri-Saint Louis (UMSL) to pursue a higher education where I received my Masters of Education as well as my Specialist Degree of leadership as well. Today I am so proud to be a part of a special program that supports educators to pursue higher learning opportunities. It has been a blessing and I am thankful for what they have done for my career. Forever thankful and grateful for the support I have received through relationships formed not only through SLPS but also the staff associated with the Parsons Blewitt Memorial Fund Foundation who go above and beyond to make sure you are successful.

Principal, Carnahan High School