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40 Years of Support: My Career Milestones with Parsons Blewett

How can I possibly provide a fitting tribute for all that Parsons Blewett has done for me? I started my career in the St. Louis Public schools in the 20th century, 1980 to be exact. I couldn’t believe after only one year of employment as a teacher, I found myself eligible for funding to support my ongoing education. After that initial experience, I truly understood the significance of Parsons Blewett. My personal growth, learning, and achievement as an educator in the St. Louis Public Schools is central to their mission. I have been blessed by Parsons Blewett not only as an individual in SLPS, but also as part of a team in SLPS. 

I can personally thank Parsons Blewett for my certifications in reading, gifted education, and speech and drama. I can also thank them for two degrees, my Master’s degree and my Doctorate. Each step on my 40+ year journey with the SLPS has been supported by Parsons Blewett. That support took me from Classroom teacher, to Instructional Coordinator, to Consultant Teacher, now to Coordinator of the St. Louis Plan Peer Assistance and Review process. Further, their continuous support of the St. Louis Plan makes it possible for veteran teachers to coach new teachers in their first year with the St. Louis Public Schools. My cup truly runneth over with gratitude! Thank you Parsons Blewett, Thank you!

Coordinator, The St. Louis Plan