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Zachary Diel

Building my Career as a Health & Wellness Educator

I’ve been teaching Physical Education and Health at Shenandoah Elementary School for seven years. Parsons Blewett has been instrumental in shaping me into the education I am today thanks to their Traditional Scholarship Program. Not only was I able to attend graduate school for free to achieve my Master’s degree and my +15 hours, but I was exposed to new experiences and career opportunities that I most likely would have never gotten exposed to if it wasn’t for this program. I was recognized as the 2023 Health & Wellness Educator of the year and I owe it in part to the education I received on behalf of Parsons Blewett. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to all aspiring educators who seek to go beyond what they already know and embrace to unknown so that our students can be better served.

Thank you Parsons Blewett!!!

Physical Education & Health Teacher, Shenandoah Elementary School