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Robert Narrow

My Growth Journey with Parsons Blewett and SLPS

The Parsons Blewett Memorial Fund has been vital to me in providing the financial and educational support necessary for my growth as an educator. I have utilized funds from them to attend graduate school for my doctoral degree as well as attending numerous professional development opportunities over the years. When I was still teaching, Parsons Blewett was able to help send me to a leadership summit on two separate occasions.

While there, I not only furthered my belief that school leadership was my true calling, I also furthered my belief that Parsons Blewett and SLPS values their employees and their personal/professional ambitions. This support from Parsons Blewett has continued in my time at SLPS. Just this year, I was able to attend the National Schools of Character conference along with two other staff members because of the support of Parsons Blewett. Knowing that we are supported to explore our continued education is something that I value deeply and is something that sets our district apart from others.

Principal, Betty Wheeler CJA