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Myra Berry

My Journey Through Education and Leadership in St. Louis

I spent the last 19 years serving the students, staff, a families of St. Louis Public Schools as a former teacher, academic coach, principal, adjunct professor, director, and Interim Assistant Superintendent. When my career started at Turner Middle, I quickly realized that I wanted to have a greater impact on the District. I continued to do so by having a student-first mindset and believing that our scholars deserve and are owed a quality education, and that begins with the teacher in front of them. In my current role as the Interim Chief of Human Resources Operations, I am able to formulate proactive strategies that are aligned to the district’s goals that directly impact the quality of education that is provided to our students. In doing so, I stand by my motto of “building better foundations for the grounds upon which our children will walk”.

Well before my time working in human resources, where I had the honor of assisting in the professional growth of new educators, Parsons Blewett Memorial Fund assisted in my professional growth. While my route to where I am now is far less than traditional, education was always a true calling. After acquiring my masters and successful years in the classroom, I decided that administration was the path to making a larger systemic impact. Parsons Blewett awarded me the funds to pay for my educational specialist and doctoral degrees. While I appreciate the monetary award, the core values and principles that Parsons Blewett standby had a greater and lasting effect on my career and personal life. So much, that when I began my path in human resources, the idea of working with Parsons Blewett felt full circle.

Dr. Roach and her extremely thorough and passionate team always find a way to make our special grants an integral part of their award process. I cannot thank Parsons Blewett enough for the countless number of teachers they have assisted in developing and expounding upon their educational endeavors. Parsons Blewett did not only provide a way for me to be a great educator then, but they also continue to help me provide steppingstones to make great educators for our future. Parsons Blewett expects greatness, but they deliver much more.

Interim Chief of Human Resources Operations, St. Louis School District